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Ningbo Yinzhou Qians Casting Co,Ltd (Ningbo Qianming Casting Co.Ltd)is a company which is specialized in the production,selling,exploitation of precision casting. It holds abundant economic & technical strength, and adopts advanced unique casting technics, and produces over hundred kinds of materials such as the plain carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel ,and a thousand kinds of manufactures. For instance,Engineering Machinery Fitting, Shipping Accessories, Automobile & Motorcycle Accessories, Mine, Metallurgy Parts and Valves Series etc. The annual production capacity is more than 5000 tons of precision castings. At the same time, the company possesses heat treatment and machine processing .

The subsidiary company of the company ?Yinzhou Chaosheng Machinery Accessories Factory mostly produces hardware processing such as Hydraulic Pressure Tube,Waterwarm Parts, Machinery & Electricity Accessories. The magnetic gearing developed by ourselves can be used to replace traditional strap, gear, chain. It is novel and has high technologic content. The products are attested feasible by experts and with the characteristics of economy, environmental protection ,high efficiency, steady-going etc. It fill s up the domestic blankness in the field .Further, the company applied a patent device of Nation, its marketing foreground is very wide.

Modern enterprise management, professional design exploitation troop and advanced testing equipment assure the products salable. The company owns advanced inspection equipment and a complete set of high-powered machines processing digital control equipments, such as high precision spectrum instrument, magnetic particle inspection,tensile test machine, impact test machine and so on. The company handles computer simulation engine drawing, exploits and designs new products. It lays the stable foundation for the company\'s persistent development.

By right of management accumulation of precision casting industry ,hardware machinery industry for several decades, the scale of the company is enlarged incessantly, the products are going to be perfect gradually. At the same time of satisfying domestic marketing, the products go to the overseas marketing such as Middle East, USA, France, Canada, Japan etc. With the first-class quality and service, the company pulls off foreigner business trust. Otherwise, the company had passed International Quality &Administration System of ISO9002 and has self-supporting imports & exports management power.

Wholeheartedly welcome overseas and domestic clients to cooperation with us, we await your presence at any moment. You will be impressed by the convenient transportation & picturesque scenery and the zealous qians staffs.



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